Best onion sites on the dark web

People of my generation always remember the day one of the bigger markets on the dark web was shut down. Up until that day onion sites had ruled the internet. Onion sites are basically sites which are only accessible by using a special address. These sites used to be in the hundreds of thousands, now, of course, there are a lot fewer. Most of these sites have shut down but a lot of new ones are popping up.

This blog will be about onion sites. It will not be about the dark web, which is a concept that has very few practical uses, even I don’t understand what it is used for. This is a blog for anyone that likes onion sites. So, if you are like me and love to see what the truly evil people of the world are doing then you can read my article on onion sites.

There are many great onion sites on the dark web, but here are five of the best:

1. The Hidden Wiki – This site is a directory of onion sites, and is a great starting point for anyone looking to explore the dark web.

2. Tor Directory – Another directory of onion sites, this one organized into categories for easy browsing.

3. Mixabit – This is a bitcoin mixer service that allows users to maintain greater control and anonymity related to their bitcoin holdings.

4. Onion Links – A forum where users can discuss all things related to the dark web.

5. Wicked Wiki – A wiki with information on all sorts of topics, including the dark web.

There is one site which is special to me and which I think is the most amazing onion site in the world. It is the hidden wiki. This site has its own categories, which go in depth into topics that appeal to a broad audience. You can choose which category you want to read and drill down deeper. If you want to get an idea of what onions sites are all about then you can choose a topic and look at them. Some of the chat rooms on the dark web can be problematic, however.

Other onion sites like Dread, an version of has its own forums, articles, and a big community. The forum is original and the most useful part of the site. It is a place where you can ask questions, get answers about dark web technology, computer security, and pretty much anything you want to buy from a dark web vendor. You can even submit your own questions or topics which you would like to see explored.

The articles section is an offshoot of the forum. So, some of the topics that have been asked by the forum community get expanded and written into guides. This adds to the community aspect of the site, as the forum topics are elaborated upon.

All in all, there are other great onion sites that we didn’t mention. Some are familiar, like Facebook, BBC, and the New York Times. Unfortunately, one day, the server which hosted the forums was hacked. This means the forums are no longer active. However, this does not stop the site being usable. It is still a fantastic onion site. I recommend you go explore it!