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Nowadays, the role of hackers is changed. Several hackers offer their hacking services. Ethical hacking is allowed to find problems in your security system. The dark web has hacking communities. Some popular groups are TheRealDeal, dark0de, Mazafaka, Trojanforge, hackforum, xDedic darknet markets.
Some markets are famous for extorting and tracking apparent pedophiles. Hacking and cybercrime services for banks and financial intuitions are available on the dark web. Several private and government organizations attempt to monitor these activities. They use special examination tools available in the market.
Use of DNS (Distributed Denial Reflection of Service) DRDoS internet-scale attacks is common through dark web leveraging. You can find numerous scan .onion sites that may end up offering downloadable tools. These links may get affected with backdoors and Trojan horses.

Ethical Hacking
Business organizations and government agencies nowadays need ethical hackers to combat growing security threats. Several government agencies, corporations and professionals understand the importance of ethical hackers to protect their system.
The new malware, worms, ransomware and malware, are regularly multiplying. For this reason, it is becoming necessary for ethical hackers to safeguard the networks of government agencies, defense or businesses. See the main benefits of ethical hacking to prevent malicious attacks, data breach and identity theft.
Discover vulnerabilities from POV attacker so that you can fix weak points.
Executing a secure network to prevent security breaches.
Defending different general security by increasing data protection from terrorists.
Earn the trust of investors and customers by ensuring the security of data and products.
Protect network with assessments in the real-world.

Ethical Hacking Types
For ethical hacking, you can find different groups and communities on the dark web. Before hiring a hacker, it is essential to understand the forms of ethical hacking. Remember, hackers can hack any process, system, device or website. It will help you to understand the process of hacking and possible damages.
Ethical hackers should understand the nature of tools and techniques used by malicious hackers. See the types of ethical hacking:
Social engineering
Hacking wireless networks
Web server hacking
System hacking
Web application hacking
You can find different kinds of hackers based on their hacking techniques and system. Broadly, you can see two types of hackers, such as black-hat and white-hat hackers. These names are related to old Spaghetti Westerns. These guys were identified with the color of their hats. Nowadays, grey hat hackers are also working with a black hat and white hat.
Ethical Hacking Phases
Ethical hackers start their work with penetration testing stages. Their work is divided into five essential steps to analyze the weaknesses of a system.

Reconnaissance and Planning
In this step, hackers define the goals and scope of testing methods. It addresses the intelligence system to acknowledge the possible vulnerabilities and function of targets. The footprinting needs search engines, social network sites, web services, network, email and DNS. They often use different footprinting tools.
You have to be careful while searching a hacker on the dark web. It can be challenging to find out if you are communicating with a malicious hacker or an ethical hacker. They can steal your sensitive information without your consent.
This step is vital for ethical hackers to understand the reaction of a target to different intrusion attempts. They evaluate two types of codes, such as static code of application and functioning code of an application. Functioning code is a practical way to understand the performance of an application in real-time.
Obtaining Access
In this step, cross-site scripting, backdoors and SQL injections are involved. These things can attack a web application. It enables them to find vulnerabilities and exploit these vulnerabilities by intercepting traffic, interfering privileges and stealing to understand the possibility of potential damages
Retaining Access
Penetration testing is incomplete without this step. The weaknesses are evaluated as a tenacious presence for a longer period in an infected system. Malicious hackers can use vulnerabilities to steam sensitive data or spread their roots in the network. It allows them to get access to the server quickly.

Analysis Phase
In this final stage, hackers compile the result by analyzing vulnerabilities and share their feedback about their exploitation. They prepare a complete report to explain the possibilities of data breaches and the time required to get access to your information. Moreover, they find out the amount of time for which a tester or a hacker may remain unnoticed.
Hacker Forums and Communities on Dark Web
In the past, hackers were tagged as the biggest villains. Now their status is changed because they are working for social causes, such as Hacktivists, unmasking government, voicing oppressions, and secrets.
Edward Snowden is a famous name for revealing shocking facts about the government of America. He did it without any personal gain. You can’t expect Snowden on the dark web because these forums have several negative points.
You will find sites to hack Netflix accounts, change the number of bank accounts or services of underground hackers. Secure yourself before finding a hacker on the dark web. Use a Tor browser to stay anonymous and protect your sensitive information.
Make sure to buy a separate device to search something from the dark web. Tor will not record your IP address or other details. Try to stay away from illegal activities and unethical hacking. Along with a Tor browser, you should use a VPN. It will offer additional online security and privacy by changing your IP. Torum is a nonprofit forum for cybersecurity on the dark web. You can find numerous other forums, but avoid using them for illegal acts.