How To Open .onion Links?

The .onion links are sites that you cannot just access through search results (read more here). These links are present in the deep web so that they cannot be accessed through a normal browser. Several organizations have switched to the .onion domain to anonymize their information or create platforms. If you want to access any domain ending with ‘.onion’, here is how to do it.

Solution: Tor

The onion router, abbreviated as Tor, is the solution to open any .onion links. It is a computer network funded partially by the US government. You can use Tor to access sites that may be censored or monitored in your country. When using the Tor network, your internet activity is undercover so that you can access even blocked sites.

For instance, when you try to access .onion sites like these using the tor network, it uses relay tor to show an exit node’s IP instead of your IP. Therefore, you can access Tor’s hidden services to explore any .onion sites. Tor is the best way of bypassing censorship and exploring any site without anyone snooping on your activities.

How To Use Tor Browser?

You can use Tor to explore .onion sites by following these steps. We explain in greater detail here how to go about doing this, but the basics are as follows:

  • Visit Tor’s Project website
  • Download Tor browser
  • Launch Tor browser and enter the .onion site address

Voila! You have access to the .onion site.

Tor browser is compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. For iOS, you can use the Orfox browser or Orbot proxy app.

Wrapping Up

While most .onion sites are spams, it’s okay to access some .onion sites. For instance, in countries that have banned Facebook, you can use their .onion sites to explore Facebook. Using the Tor proxy can also be seen as a solution to access these sites. However, it is not recommended as it does not serve the purpose of maintaining anonymity.