Is It Legal To Surf The Dark Web?

Is It Legal To Surf The Dark Web?

The Dark Web has been in existence since the start of the Internet. The term, ‘Dark Web’ refers to those contents/sites that are available on the Internet, but is not indexed, and so cannot be reached via traditional browsers.

Dark Web websites do not come into view while surfing the Internet normally. You need to have special access to such sites, for which many options are available. Now the question is whether or not these sites are legal. Let’s find out!

Is It Legal To Surf The Dark Web?

It is absolutely legal to surf, access, or browse the Dark Web. But the doubt is reasonable, given the products/services that are on offer in such websites. Dark websites are most prevalent for criminal activities or illicit activities.

You must have heard of the illegal online marketplace of drugs called Silk Road or Besa Mafia for contract killings. These are only a few examples of the illegalities that dark web websites cover.

However, not all Dark Web activities are about illicit material. You would be surprised (or shocked?) to know that Facebook has a loophole in the Dark Web. Even New York Times does. These sites are not illegal, BUT illegal activities do take place here.

For instance, the sites are hubs for infamous criminal sites, alongside popular sites and brands.

Practical Dark Web Uses

The general public with no criminal intentions deserves greater privacy while surfing the web. For such innocent users who are interested in the dark web, use it for various matters as follows:

Aid Democracy

Through the dark web, citizens under oppressive regimes can communicate safely. This was practically in extensive use during the Arab Spring uprising.


While real journalism seems to be diverting from its real purpose, the dark web journalists shed light on the sensitive investigation while hiding their identity. If you wish, you can call them “real news!”


Using Tor and the dark web, you steer clear of online breaches. With data encryption, you can expect additional support of security against hackers.

General Privacy

Internet service providers in the U.S. record your browsing history. Using the dark web, you secure your information from them.


Summing Up

Although it is not illegal to surf the dark web, you should still be precautious about using them for double assurance. Make sure to use a VPN or a virtual private network. While you search the Internet using a VPN, you remain anonymous. And using the VPN is also completely legal in the U.S.