Onion Links And The Dark Web

Must-Known Facts about Darknet Markets and Onion Links

Tor Onion Links

Darknet markets, aka cryptomarkets, are commercial sites that can’t run without I2P or Tor. These are black markets to sell weapons, cyber-arms, drugs, forged documents, details of stolen credit cards, steroids, unlicensed pharmaceuticals, and several other illicit items.
These markets are different than traditional markets. To stay anonymous, they prefer bitcoin payment, use of Tor, escrow services and special feedback systems including vendors.

Features of Darknet Markets
Darknet markets are famous for their discussion forums. The renowned discussion forum Reddit’s /r/DarkNetMarkets was subject to a legal investigation. Administrators of Reddit shut down this famous hub and change their content policy. They forbid the sale of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.
This step led to the increase of dedicated discussion forum of darknet “Dread”. Numerous marketplaces have their special subreddits and discussion forums. A large number of marketplaces are in English, but you can access some other onion links in Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese.
With Grams search engine, you can search for several markets directly without registration or login. Dark web review and news sites enable you to access commentary and interviews into dynamic markets. Some famous names are All Things Vice and DeepDotWeb.

Interactions with Customers
For transactions on darknet markets, you will need bitcoin. You are advised to use tumblers to increase anonymity. With PGP key, you can secure communications between you and vendors. Several sites use multisign bitcoin transactions for maximum security.
These features can decrease dependency on the escrow sites. The Bitcoin Helix tumbler is good for anonymized payment integration. To make a purchase, the buyers should transfer cryptocurrency in their escrow site.
Once you transfer currency, a vendor will dispatch your goods and claim this payment. On non-recipient or recipient of items, users can leave feedback against the account of the vendor. Buyers can use FE (finalize early) option to release funds from escrow quickly. There are specific conditions for buyers to use this option.
With FE, it is possible to expedite transactions, but it can increase the vulnerability of fraud. After operation onymous, vendors depend on PGP support. They are doing this to increase the resilience of onion links from secret law enforcement agencies.

Types of Darknet Markets
Items on centralized darknet markets are listed from different vendors similar to eBay. These markets have a great reputation in the virtual world. Several markets copy shipping and search features of Amazon.
Nowadays, famous vendors are taking an interest in opening online shops other than significant marketplaces. They have their websites on clearnet to increase their sales. A few internet forums, like Tor Carding Forum (defunct) and Anonymous Russian Marketplace work as markets with some trusted members.
These members offer escrow services and engage users in off-forum messaging. In the past, some markets used a SAAS solution to automate their procedures. This attempt was unsuccessful. Frequent problems because of centralized infrastructure increased the popularity of peer-to-peer or blockchain technologies. Bitmarekts and OpenBazaar are famous examples.

Application Procedure of Vendors
For listings of vendors, darknet markets have particular application procedure. They need a referral and proof of reputation from a different market. In numerous cases, they are required to deposit cash to the market.
Numerous vendors list their products on different markets to maintain a good reputation. InfoDesk is from Grams to enable central identity and content management of vendors along with the distribution of PGP key.
Some law enforcement operations frequently arrest and investigate individual vendors. Moreover, these agencies keep an eye on the purchase of significant quantities and their use. A report in 2016 suggested that more of these purchasers were interested in resale.

Famous Products on the Darknet Markets
These markets are notorious for selling drugs, such as MDMA, modafinil and cannabis. Some other drugs are designer drugs, cocaine and LSD. Financial information, personal identity information, bank account and credit card information and medical data breaches are commonly found on these markets.
The interest of people in these things can increase the value of stolen data. They are interested in this data to get their profit. Darknet markets deal with this data to interested people. Remember, these things can be damaging to people related to this information.
Hacking and fraud services are common on the darknet markets. Hacking and cybercrime services are common for banks and financial institutions on the dark web. AlphaBay Market is an important name for carting, counterfeiting and fraud market services.
Some markets refuse to deal with poisons or weapons. Silk Road market refused to offer anything related to defraud or harm, such as mass destruction weapons, assassinations, and stolen credit cards.
Child pornography services are strictly prohibited in several darknet markets. Moreover, lotteries, Ponzi schemes, terrorism, assassination and murder should be avoided on these platforms.

Legitimate and Illegal Markets
Some markets pretend to offer legitimate services, but they can defraud people. These may include unreliable stores for weapons and fake assassination sites. Centralized market escrow allows an owner to exit or close down a market and disappear with the escrow money of vendors and buyers.
They can steal cryptocurrency of vendors and buyers. These frauds are common on the dark web, such as BlackBank. If you want a good reputation on the dark web, you have to sell products and deliver them to the right address. It enables vendors to accumulate escrow funds and significant reputation.
Sometimes, vendors and owners choose to quit with funds instead of delivering products. For this reason, you can’t trust the darknet markets.

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