Why are onion links on Tor so slow?

Onion links are slow. We can all agree on that. But why? Well, the answer is a bit complicated—and it’s not just because Tor itself is slow (though it is). There are actually several factors that contribute to onion links being slow, and they’re all interconnected in various ways. Let’s start by looking at what an onion link even is: […]

Nonprofits with Onion Links

Despite common belief, the dark web is also home to a number of non-profit groups that use the privacy and anonymity given by the dark web to defend and support whistleblowers and journalists. These organizations frequently operate on the dark web in order to avoid being targeted by governments or other entities seeking to stifle their activity. For example, the […]

Online Privacy and Security

In the current digital era, when personal information is constantly being gathered and shared, online privacy and security are becoming more and more crucial. Using the Tor network and onion links are a method of enhancing internet privacy and security. Users may access the internet anonymously via the free and open-source Tor network, sometimes referred to as “The Onion Router.” […]

Onion routing and my mistake when accessing the dark web

The dark web is frequently linked with wrongdoing, although it also has certain useful applications. Journalists, for example, have used the dark web to privately disseminate material, and whistleblowers can use it to expose misconduct. You should, however, never enter the dark web unless you comprehend how it works and what measures you should take when visiting it. Before we […]

Should Onion Sites be Banned?

Onion sites are often referred to as “dark web” sites, as they are not indexed by search engines and can only be accessed using the Tor network. They often get a bad rap due to associations with illegal activity, but should they be banned? Here are some possible reasons why onion sites deserve to be preserved and even encouraged in […]

Exploring the Fascinating World of the Dark Web Economy

The dark web is often depicted as a shadowy, underworld marketplace where all manner of illegal activities take place. Because the dark web is constantly evolving and changing, it is difficult to determine its exact size at any given time. However, it is clear that the dark web is a small but important part of the overall internet landscape. While […]

Using Onion Links and the Tor Browser in 2023

Although we will not focus on the specifics of how the dark web came to be or delve into its mechanics, it is important to know that onion routing and the TOR network are integral parts of the deep web. You cannot access websites on the dark web in 2023 without both the Tor browser and onion links. By now, […]

The Origins of .onion Domain and Onion Services

For those who frequent the dark web, the “.onion” domain is a familiar sight. But for those who are new to the dark web, the onion domain may seem a bit mystery. In this blog post, we’ll dispel that mystery and explain the history of the onion domain and onion services. The onion domain was created as part of the […]

Where can I find onion links to visit?

When most people think of the internet, they imagine a vast expanse of happy kittens, funny videos, silly memes, and pictures of food. But there is another side to the web – only accessed by something known as an ‘onion link’. This is the pathway that leads to the dark web, thought of by most as a dangerous haven where […]

Where Are Onion Links Hosted?

The short answer to this question is that onion links are hosted on the Tor network. However, if you want a more detailed answer, keep reading! In this blog post, we’ll give you a crash course in how the Tor network works and where onion links are hosted. By the end, you should have a better understanding of how the […]