Onion Links: What You Need To Know

The internet is paving the path for technological advancements in the digital world. The process is enhancing and upgrading the way we access information. However, privacy concerns are emerging alongside the tech. Every individual wants to stay anonymous when it comes to financial, health, or relationship matters.

The Tor network provides a solution. The browser allows its users to gain access to onion sites, which are hidden from 99% of all computer users. These sites are where dark websites reside, and where people can interact without revealing their identity. What users love about onion links and the Tor web browser is that it allows them to peruse desired dark sites anonymously.

Unravelling the path for Onion sites

The features of Tor and onion links are simple and easy to use. One simply downloads Tor, and once installed, it gives access to various sites and dark links as a feature of its URLs. You can find these v3 onion links on our homepage.

A simple 3 step process allows users to get started using the Tor browser and onion links. Those are:

1.) Site: Users need to locate the Tor site.  After this, you need to verify and download the authenticated version.

2.) Link: The link is provided on the Tor website to download the web browser file. By clicking on the download button, the download process can start.

3.) Privacy: To keep privacy intact, it is necessary and advisable that external hardware is disabled, which can be either a hard disk or a USB. The user should block all web cameras so that your identity is hidden and not revealed. (A VPN is also worth considering when using Tor, if you’re a bit paranoid)

Feature and Usage

The Tor browser works on the same principle as Google or Bing. The interface is largely through Duck Duck Go based upon your search terms. Search results display the sites related to your query in the form of onion links. Or you can simply copy/paste the links on our homepage into the Tor browser nav bar.

Obviously, if you find an onion site that asks for personal information, don’t use your real name and comprise your security and safety.